What is a CEOPRENEUR? A Comprehensive Insight

You may have heard of CEOPRENEUR – a term that combines CEO and entrepreneur. But what does it really mean? What defines a CEOPRENEUR? In this article, we will delve deep into the concept of a CEOPRENEUR and unravel the competencies a CEOPRENEUR should possess.


A CEOPRENEUR is a cross between a CEO and an entrepreneur, describing an entrepreneur who also holds a leadership position in a company. But it is more than just a combination of titles. A CEOPRENEUR embodies a specific attitude and way of acting that is geared towards building a successful business.

The key competencies of a CEOPRENEUR

A CEOPRENEUR has a clear plan and focuses on the essential aspects of success. This includes being able to act as a generalist and having a broad understanding of the entire business to make critical decisions.

A CEOPRENEUR understands that a business only justifies its existence if it creates value in the marketplace and therefore focuses on creating value for its customers.

Basic need and choice of business model

In addition to creating value, it is essential for a CEOPRENEUR to understand the need behind the customer’s need and create added value. A CEOPRENEUR consciously chooses scalable business models that offer a wealth of opportunities and expand the business.

Personal development

A CEOPRENEUR must develop his own personality and constantly work on himself to achieve his goals. This includes aspects such as self-reflection, self-discipline and the ability to accept and respond to feedback.

Model of Excellence, Frameworks & Strategies

A CEOPRENEUR builds on a vision and strategy based on the Model of Excellence. This vision and strategy are supported by the teachings of experts such as Peter Drucker, Michael E. Gerber, Dan Sullivan, W. Edwards Deming, Wolfgang Mewes and Jim Rohn.


A CEOPRENEUR is a cross between a CEO and an entrepreneur, embodying a specific attitude and way of acting. With a clear vision, a focused strategy and continuous personal development, a CEOPRENEUR can build and lead a successful business. He creates value in the marketplace, consciously chooses scalable business models, and strives to understand the need behind the customer’s need. The teachings of experts and the continuous pursuit of personal development support him on this path.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur preparing for the CEOPRENEUR journey or an established CEO looking to develop your skills, it is clear that the CEOPRENEUR mindset can offer many benefits. It allows you to think outside the box, act strategically and build a sustainable and successful business.

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