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Solutions for Entrepreneurs

No matter what stage you’re in. Here are solutions for you.

Start-ups, SME and CEO


Entrepreneurship, personal development and competence in eCommerce.

Personal Development

The area in which we will all always remain students. Tony Robbins so aptly says, “Growth equals happiness.” This is equally true for the company.

Trainings for Entrepreneurs

Various training methods. Local courses or online training by CEOPRENEUR


Entrepreneurs and business managers can employ strategy consulting to gain an outside perspective on their organization.


Our business focuses on providing answers using the appropriate strategies. However, the core of the speeches is a topic that often falls short. It is instead the basis for strategies: the philosophy.


eCommerce is a very good business model for starting and scaling a business.

International Human Resources Management

International Human Resource Management or Talent Matching is the answer to one of the biggest business problems: Skill shortages


The Process

Make an Appointment

“Book a free strategy session” can be found right here or integrated on several other pages.
Simply click on it and make an appointment at a time that suits you. We will send you a link before the appointment, through which you can conduct the conversation as a video call in your browser.

Free Strategy Talk

The initial interview can be compared to an anamnesis. It’s about understanding your status quo, your business model, and your goals.

The Result of the Initial Interview

Once we have assessed the situation and your goals, we will determine which solution is appropriate for your goals.

Depending on the situation and product

Do you have mostly self-directed tasks and education or coaching based training or an isolated strategy conversation to solve your problem? It all depends on your vision and current situation.

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We organize different levels of masterminds. The basic level is free of charge.


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