Strategy Forge
for entrepreneurs

The appropriate strategy is an essential element for success. For us, it’s daily business. To succeed as an entrepreneur, personal development is mandatory.

Our philosophy

Our values

The entrepreneur as a limiting factor

Entrepreneurs are responsible for the success of their company – but also for its failure.

Entrepreneurs must be generalists

An entrepreneur must be a generalist (T – Shaped) in order to meet the many challenges.

The entrepreneur must create value

The task of an entrepreneur is to create value in the market and solve problems.

Consulting and training

Strategy consulting, further education and personal development are our pillars
We have spent many years observing why most of our clients have had success by implementing our concepts and some – with similar situations – have not. Over the course of more than 10 years, an original assumption has been confirmed time and again.
It is not enough to provide the right tools and strategies if the entrepreneur does not develop at the same time. That is why we have made personal development and further training the new core service of HAUGK. made

Contact persons

Simon Haugk


Nail Abraham


Florian miller

Project Manager

Open positions

We are currently restructuring. In doing so, we are focusing more on offering further training and reducing the proportion of individual consultations. For this we need reinforcement who is responsible, flexible and committed.

Social Media Manager

Office / Home Office

Assistant (m/f) to the management

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