Path of the entrepreneur


A CEOPRENEUR is an amalgamation of CEO and Entrepreneur, representing the entrepreneur in the role of a leader in the company. But the CEOPRENEUR is more than a title symbiosis – it embodies a unique philosophy and way of acting that focuses on building a thriving business.

The essence of the CEOPRENEUR

A CEOPRENEUR has a clear plan and focuses on the aspects that are critical to success. This includes acting as a generalist and having a comprehensive understanding of the entire business in order to make informed decisions. A CEOPRENEUR recognizes that a business is only viable if it creates value in the marketplace and therefore focuses on creating value for its customers.

Basic Need and Business Model Choice

In addition to creating value in the marketplace, it is critical for a CEOPRENEUR to understand and respond to the “need behind the need” of his customers. A CEOPRENEUR consciously chooses scalable business models to ensure sustainable success and to be able to expand the business.

Personal Development

But it is not enough to focus only on work and business decisions. A CEOPRENEUR must constantly work on his or her personal development and practice self-reflection, self-discipline, and accepting and implementing feedback in order to achieve his or her goals.

Model of Excellence, Frameworks & Strategies

The CEOPRENEUR lifestyle is based on a vision and strategy supported by the Model of Excellence. This vision and strategy are supported by the teachings of experts such as Peter Drucker, Michael E. Gerber, Dan Sullivan, W. Edwards Deming, Wolfgang Mewes and Jim Rohn.


A CEOPRENEUR must not only have a sound knowledge of successful business practices, but also have a strong personality and continuously work on his personality development. Through his extensive knowledge of his business and his understanding of the “need behind the need” of his customers, a CEOPRENEUR can create value and choose scalable business models to achieve sustainable success.

Executive Summary

Overall, a CEOPRENEUR is a fusion of CEO and Entrepreneur who embodies a specific philosophy and way of doing things. A CEOPRENEUR focuses on vision, strategy and personal development to build a successful business. By understanding the “need behind the need” of his customers and applying the lessons of experts to his actions, he creates value, chooses scalable business models and achieves sustainable success.