Our corporate culture – the DNA of HAUGK.

At HAUGK. we believe that a strong culture is the key to our success and authenticity. Our culture shapes not only how we interact with each other, but also how we serve our customers and deliver our solutions. We’re proud to live a culture that promotes results, transparency, empowerment, and continuous learning. We also have the courage of our convictions and believe in open and trusting communication.

In the following lines, we would like to give you an insight into our values and principles that form the foundation of our corporate culture. These values are not just written on paper, but are actively lived every day and form the basis for our decisions, actions and success.

  1. Results orientation: Employees are encouraged to work flexible hours as long as they are accomplishing their tasks and meeting their goals.
  2. Transparency: Employees’ hours are tracked to increase productivity and identify bottlenecks.
  3. Empowerment: Employees make their own decisions and are accountable for their results.
  4. Continuous learning: Each employee can set aside at least one hour a day for personal development.
  5. Cojones / Courage: Employees are encouraged to be bold and take risks to find innovative solutions and improvements.
  6. Execution orientation: The first qualified idea is implemented immediately and adjusted throughout the process to achieve faster results and promote continuous improvement.
  7. We speak to each other informally: Our culture values open and friendly communication. To break down barriers and create an atmosphere of trust, we address each other informally.
  8. Truth and Honesty: We believe in open and honest communication. This means telling the hard truths and giving our customers what they really need, not just what they want.

We invite you to experience the uniqueness of our culture and become a part of our mission. Together we want to drive personal and business development and set new standards as CEOPRENEUR.